Oxygen Bar

10 Minute Session $10.00
20 Minute Session $20.00
30 Minute Session $25.00


 ~ Feel more energized ~ Feel more relaxed ~ Feel rejuvenated ~ Feel more rested ~ Ease breathing ~ Breathe cleaner air ~

Oxygenation of the lungs contributes to the elimination of toxins. The more oxygen we have in our  system, the more energy we produce. 90% of our energy comes from oxygen, only 10% from food and water. So increasing our oxygenation levels has many benefits. It’s the secret to a young, fresh appearance, mental alertness, increased physical stamina and boosting your immune system.


We add custom-blended, all natural aromatherapy for another layer of relaxation or stimulation. Increase the overall enjoyment and relaxation of your spa service by utilizing oxygen before or after your service. 



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